Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Action Figures: Xena

I am most often uninterested in figures with built-in "action" features, like buttons on the back that make the arms move up and down, or legs that can be squeezed together to make... well, the arms move up and down. Such features usually detract from a figure's look with unsightly knobs and levers, or simply don't work.

This is not the case for the simply named "Xena" figure from Toy Biz's Xena: Warrior Princess line. Although this Xena sports an ungainly button, which juts out of the figure's back like a broken bone, pushing this button produces a really cool action effect. Thanks to a magnetically enhanced hand, this Xena can draw her sword quickly out of its scabbard in a fraction of a second. The speed and consistency with which this feature functions, along with the excellent default pose and detailed outfit, make this a great figure.

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